about us


super duper sustainable streetwear.

We believe in making high quality streetwear that’s all brand, no gender and completely sustainable.



Everything we sell is designed by our inhouse team, based in Australia but enjoyed around the world. We take the time to consider what you’ll look like wearing our branded clothing, the way you’ll move with our fabric on your skin, and how it’s going to make you feel inside and out.


We focus on design and construction of each and every garment to ensure endless satisfaction.



We don’t believe that clothing has gender. You know what suits your style and body type - so we'd rather let you decide what to wear, not society! 

Thats why our entire brand of is genderless. We don’t limit our designs, so you don’t have to limit your style. 



We don’t just value sustainability, we’re passionate about it.

We do whatever we can and make sure everything we do has Mother Earth in mind. We recycle what we can and don’t take the cheap, easy way out that leaves a horrible footprint on our planet.

We promise transparency in everything we do. From how we manufacture to what materials we use. We share this world, so we’ll share this information:


We’re committing right now to manufacturing our garments right here in Australia. This way we’ll have more control over doing our bit to support other local businesses. This way we’ll have more control over where the swing tags, woven labels, and fabrics are coming from. This way we’ll have more control over how much waste is being created and how it's been recycled. This way we’ll have more control over the quality of our brand. This way we’ll have more control over ensuring our environment is protected.